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Our providers are board-certified in family practice, with extensive experience in all aspects of primary care: pediatrics, internal medicine and family health. In addition to physicians, we have a large staff of nurse practitioners, medical assistants, administrative assistants and laboratory assistants.

Our practice offers high quality comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages, with emphasis on preventive care.



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Call during office hours to schedule appointments. Please allow four to eight weeks to schedule complete physical exams. Routine and urgent care will be provided within 24 to 48-hours.


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If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us 24-hour notice so that we can schedule another patient in your place. Per the MPCP Arnold practice policy, failure to cancel an appointment with 24-hour notice will result in a missed appointment fee. For a routine office visit, the fee will be $35. For extended visits including (but not limited to) physicals, annual visits, or preoperative visits, the fee will be $50.


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We require payment at the conclusion of your visit with the doctor; this includes co-payments/co-insurance payments for all insurance types, including preferred provider organizations, health maintenance organizations, and Medicare. In special circumstances, you may make other arrangements with the practice manager.

Insurance Information

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We participate with most major health plans. Please call our office to verify that we participate with your insurance.


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Please allow 48-hours for prescription refills. Please remember to allow two business days for us to process your refill request.


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Certain insurance companies require a written referral or telephone authorization prior to any specialist service. Please contact our Referral Coordinator 72-hours before your appointment with a specialist. We will mail you your written referrals, or you may pick them up at this office prior to the appointment.

Medical Record Releases

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Medical records of services rendered at our office remain the property of Maryland Primary Care Physicians. Should you request and/or authorize the release of copies of your medical records, you will need to sign a HIPAA compliant release to begin the process. There are fees involved with obtaining copies of your records. Under Maryland law, record requests for personal use are charged a fee of $0.76 per page plus the cost of actual postage. All other requests (insurance, attorneys, etc.) are subject to a fee that includes $0.76 per page, a preparation fee of $22.88 and the cost of actual postage. An invoice will be sent to the person or entity requesting the records. While we are required by law to have the copied records prepared within 30 days, except in the case of specific circumstances, we will not send the records until we receive payment. If you have questions concerning this process, call (410) 729-1367.

Inclement Weather

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In the event of bad weather, please call the office to confirm that we are open before you venture out into the elements.

Phone Hours

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Our phones are open Monday-Thursday 7:00AM-8:00PM & Friday 7:00AM-3:30PM.

After Hours/Weekends

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If you have an emergent issue after normal business hours, please contact our office at (410) 757-7600 for specific instructions of how to take care of your after-hours needs. Our physicians rotate after-hours, weekend and holiday duty so that a doctor will always be available to you.

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