HealthWise – Winter 2016 Heart Disease, Respiratory Illness & The Worst Drinks for Kids

Welcome to the Winter Edition of HealthWise. In this issue of the Maryland Primary Care Physicians e-newsletter, our providers discuss how to know if you have heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the worst drinks for kids, and more. Please read on and feel free to share these health tips with friends and family.
 In this issue: Heart Disease  |  Respiratory Illnesses  |  Worst Drinks For Kids
How To Tell If You Have Heart Disease By: Stacy Bartolich, CRNP
If you have heart disease, you get chest pains, right?Not all heart problems come with such clear warning signs. Coronary disease includes a number of conditions, which have different symptoms. Learn the symptoms and you’ll be better prepared to head off a dangerous health episode...
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Respiratory Illnesses: Nothing to Sneeze At By: Sneha Sheth, M.D.
Do you know the number-one reason people come to their doctor this time of year? If you’re sneezing or coughing as you read this, you already have a pretty good idea: respiratory illnesses are the chief reason for doctors’ visits.Some respiratory conditions are fairly mild, but others can be life-threatening. And cold weather can make them worse...
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The Worst Drinks for Kids A Q&A with Lisa Goldberg Keithley, M.D.
Q: Kids love sweet drinks. What’s wrong with that?A: Many children’s drinks are loaded with added sugar and have little nutritional value. According to the CDC, sugary beverages are a main factor in the rise of childhood obesity. And kids who consume a lot of sweet drinks may not be getting enough vitamins, calcium and other nutrients...
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MPCP News:

Caring for you and about you for 20 years 2016 marks MPCP's 20th anniversary! This is a huge milestone for us, and we thank all of our patients and friends for making it possible. Meet our new CEO On January 1, Colleen Ceradini became our new CEO, only the second one in our 20-year history. Colleen has been with MPCP for 19 years and is dedicated to achieving the best care for our patients. Welcome to new MPCP staff: Welcome to Toni Rosal, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, who has joined our Bowie office. In the community... In 2015, MPCP helped take healthcare to our communities, with staff volunteering for many local events. We also donated $20,000 to health-related charities.

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