HealthWise Summer 2018 – Stress, Antibiotics & Childhood Vaccines

Welcome to the summer edition of HealthWise, the newsletter of Maryland Primary Care Physicians. In it, you’ll find help for beating stress, being smart about antibiotics, and dangerous myths about childhood vaccines. Feel free to share these articles with friends and family.
In this issue: Stress  |  Antibiotics  |  Childhood Vaccines
stress video
Don't Let Stress Harm Your Health
By: Sneha Sheth, M.D.
High levels of stress can make you unhappy and cause health issues. Dr. Sneha Sheth explains how to break the patterns of stress and live a calmer, healthier life.
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Be Smart About Antibiotics
By: Patricia Chambliss, M.D.
Antibiotics play an important role in health care, but misusing them can be harmful. Learn which illness can or can't be treated by antibiotics.
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5 Myths About Childhood Vaccines
By: Daniel Lamphier, M.D.
Misinformation about childhood vaccines is widespread, causing some parents to delay or avoid vaccines out of fear they may harm their children.

This article addresses five common myths about vaccines for kids and the real story about their safety.
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