HealthWise Spring 2017 – Well Child Visits, Friendship & Physicals

Here is your spring edition of HealthWise, the newsletter of Maryland Primary Care Physicians. Read on for news and tips from our medical staff to help you stay healthy and active this spring, including: well-child visits, friendship and health, and why you need a physical exam.
 In this issue: Well-Child Visits  |  Friendship  |  Physicals
dr. harms
Well-Child Visits: Foundation for a Healthy Life [VIDEO] A Q&A with Dr. Jamie Harms
Dr. Harms explains why children, like adults, should see their doctor for annual checkups.   Q: My child isn’t sick. Why should they get a checkup?   A: A yearly checkup – known as a “well-child visit” ─ helps monitor your child’s development and can spot potential health problems...  
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Got Friends? You’ll Live Longer By: Andrea C. Cuniff, M.D.
People with strong social networks tend to be healthier, live longer and are happier. You’re probably familiar with the social benefits of friendship. Our friends: Increase our sense of belonging and purpose...
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Why You Need a Checkup (Even If You Feel Fine) By: Manuel Skow, P.A.
If you feel okay, you don’t need to see the doctor, right? Wrong. An annual checkup with your primary care doctor should be part of your regular health routine, just like exercise. Here are five good reasons to schedule a checkup, even if you feel fine...
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MPCP News:

Welcome, New Providers We are happy to welcome three new medical staff to our growing practice: Comment Cards We have developed a patient comment card so you can give us your feedback on what we do well and what we can do better. Look for them in all of our offices.

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