Changes to Keep You Safe During the Pandemic

The Queenstown office has made some changes for the safety of our patients and staff

  • We are using Telemedicine with video apps or phones calls to connect with you and care for your medical needs.
  • Our Respiratory Clinic is by appointment only. We have separated a portion of our office to evaluate patients who have concerns about COVID-19 infection. They enter and exit the office though a separate entrance to avoid contact with other patients. We are now offering COVID-19 testing. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.
  • Our providers are also available for face-to-face visits. We are bringing patients directly into exam rooms that are disinfected, as are all areas of the office, per CDC guidelines, after each patient visit. For your safety, we are seating only 10 patients in our waiting room at a time. After that, patients may be asked to wait in their car or the lobby, depending on the situation and time of day. We have safely distanced our waiting room seating, so no one is sitting within 6 feet of another patient. We have also added sliding glass barriers to the front desk to protect patients and staff.
  • Our lab is open for patients who need blood tests. We will schedule your blood test to minimize contact with other patients. Only one patient at a time is brought into the lab. We have also blocked off seating in the lab to a safe distance. Any lab patients with COVID related symptoms are being drawn in the respiratory clinic.