Some questions and answers that help explain why Maryland Primary Care Physicians should be part of your professional future.

Maryland Primary Care Physicians is a group practice of physicians and credentialed staff – including family doctors, internists, pediatricians, specialists – who provide comprehensive care at offices across central Maryland. MPCP offers the services of more than 50 board-certified physicians carefully chosen for their experience, knowledge and professionalism. The rest of our team is just as remarkable; a staff of more than two hundred fifty, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical and administrative staff.

In this time of change, you can either exert influence on the future of health care, or passively observe a future that may evolve to your disadvantage. MPCP is physician owned and managed, which provides the opportunity for clinical and professional self-direction and the ability to shape the future of health care in central Maryland.

    • A comprehensive compensation package, including a competitive base salary and benefits, and the opportunity for substantial productivity bonuses.

Opportunity for equity in the company and participation in significant financial rewards.

  • Central administration that provides the sophisticated management infrastructure needed for today and in the future. This eliminates the hours spent on administrative hassles, freeing you for more time with your patients.
  • Innovative utilization of technology in a cutting-edge Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that provides immediate access to patient information from any MPCP location, resulting in enhanced patient care, safety and confidentiality. Costly billing errors are virtually eliminated as a result of superior electronic data collection, documentation and coding capabilities.
  • A corporate structure that protects the way we practice medicine, gives each of us vested interest in the overall success of the group, and assures our ability to remain both autonomous and competitive.
  • A managed care contracting edge resulting from the ability of MPCP to make decisions on behalf of a large group and then coordinate those decisions with our provider partners.
  • Opportunities for you to experience improved quality of life through our enhanced practice coverage, CME, vacation and scheduling arrangements.

We are looking for primary care physicians who balance an entrepreneurial spirit with a total commitment to quality care; high quality primary care physicians who believe in an integrated approach to health care delivery and who seek greater control over their professional destiny through the leverage of a large group.

You can expect to continue the autonomous operation of your practice. You are free to send patients to the specialists you think best, whether in or out of MPCP. The transfer of billing, scheduling, marketing and other administrative functions will take place over time in a smooth transition and in conjunction with the implementation of a central computer system, which MPCP provides. Most important, you will play an active and determining role in changes within your practice.

MPCP currently participates with virtually every major health plan serving the area. This broad based plan participation will allow you to expand both your patient base and your practice.

Talk with us more about the immediate and long-term benefits of MPCP. For more information please contact:
Fred Rost, Director, Marketing
Maryland Primary Care Physicians, LLC
7580 Buckingham Blvd., Suite 220, Hanover, MD 21076
410.729.2697 (phone)
410.729.5170 (fax)